dbramante1928 is working for sustainable production for all our products and distribution, packaging, and energy consumption. We have set high ambitions and are committed to delivering on these targets: towards nature and climate positive guided by WWF.

On our path towards making a positive impact on the environment, this partnership acknowledges and addresses the challenges of climate change and nature degradation.

With our partnership with WWF Denmark, we commit to reducing our own CO2 emissions in line with science and working closely with our suppliers to reduce theirs while producing more renewable energy to balance our global energy consumption.




Climate change and nature degradation are major global challenges. We have a responsibility to operate in a way that helps protect the planet for future generations.

Our ambition is to be carbon neutral in our operations through continued investment in renewable energy and increase our operational energy efficiency.

We are challenging our suppliers to do the same.


By supporting WWF Worldwide Fund for Nature forest programs in Uganda, we give back to nature, biodiversity and people. Protecting and restoring high biodiversity forests benefits nature, biodiversity, endangered species, and local communities. At the same time, the forests retain and capture carbon and fight climate change.


If you think of carbon neutral as ending up with net zero carbon emissions, climate positive (or carbon negative) means you are removing additional carbon from the atmosphere, whether you put it in or not. 

As a brand who believes great design is driven by great values it's important for us to operate in a way that helps protect the planet for future generations. Our science based targets, set by SBTI and guided by WWF, is to achieve this by 2030. 

Becoming the worlds first carbon positive CE accessories brand.