The raw-material (hide) used in our production is a by-product that is refined to a beautiful and durable end-product instead of being sent to landfill or used for energy. This way we prolong the lifecycle of the by-product and create a sustainable value proposition.

None of the hides we use as raw-material, comes from bovine animals being bred for their hides, all our hides are by-products from the meat and dairy industry.






In addition, leather is a highly durable material that ages gracefully and develops a patina compared with other surface materials giving our full-grain leather case and carrying solutions a significantly longer life cycle and expectancy.



Whether it’s improving our eco-footprint, providing the best environment and working conditions for our employees or working on eco-initiatives with our partners, we are 100% committed to delivering an eco-friendlier and sustainable future for us all. We continually evaluate every part of our business, and whenever possible, we make changes for the better.

Just as much innovation goes into the materials, dbramante1928 products are made of as how they’re made.



Handcrafted leather



It’s all these small steps we take that add up to the giant leaps, and while It is important, we acknowledge that we are not perfect, and we may never be, in every day and in every way, we are striving to become better.