Recycled Materials


Plastic is not inherently bad; it is a man-made invention that has generated significant benefits for society


Unfortunately, the way we have managed plastic, and the way society has converted it into a disposable and single-use convenience has transformed this innovation into a planetary environmental disaster. Plastic does not belong in nature, which is why all of our plastic cases are made recycled and 100% recyclable. Our goal has been to help stop the flow of plastic into nature, eliminate unnecessary plastic, and improve the sustainable production and management of the remaining necessary plastic within the categories we manufacture.

Certified recycled materials

Our recycled products are verified by GRS (Global Recycle Standard) – a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a product. With the GRS certification you can be sure that our products hold both a verified recycled content of the product certification and a verified responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices certification of their production.