Our Story



Dbramante1928 is a Danish fashion and lifestyle brand with a focus on sustainable mobile accessories made of full-grain leather or recycled plastic materials. Since our foundation in 2011, we have been making high-quality, eco-friendly products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

We believe great design is driven by great values.

Full-grain Leather Black


Our philosophy: Always forward

We believe that great design is driven by strong values. Whether it’s improving our environmental footprint, providing the best working conditions for our employees or working with our partners on environmental and social initiatives, we are 100% committed to creating a better and greener future for us all. It is important to recognise that we are not perfect and probably never will be. In an ever-changing world, what is perfect today may not be so perfect tomorrow. For us, “Always forward” is about always looking ahead and asking ourselves how we can be even better.




Our name

Our name comes from two sources of inspiration. The first is the Italian architect Donato Bramante, master of the golden ratio. Our products are not only useful and durable, they are also aesthetically designed with the golden ratio in mind.

Donato Bramante 500th Anniversary CoinDonato Bramante is shown here on his commemorative 5 Euro coin marking 500 years since his death with his famous design for the Tempietto San Pietro in Montorio built-in 1502 which led to the commission for the rebuilding of St. Pauls Basilica in 1503.


The second is the Olympic Games, and in particular the first Winter Olympics, held in 1928. As a Danish design brand, you might think that the inspiration from the Winter Olympics is linked to our Nordic flair, but that’s not the whole story. The four Olympic values – determination, inspiration, courage and equality – inspire our current business and set the tone and course for our future ambitions as a brand.


1928 Olympics