Our Materials


The first thing you need to appreciate is that not all leathers are the same. 


Full-grain leather is the finest quality form of leather. We only use this strongest top layer of the hide, and it is all-natural and incredibly durable & strong, making it perfect for everyday use premium luxury accessories that will last a lifetime.






Natural Leather that has not undergone sanding, buffing or any other process to remove any imperfections is called full-grain leather. It is the most durable and strongest of all kinds of leather, because it retains the densest layer of skin found just below the hair, giving it breathability and resistance to wear. It develops a beautiful and unique patina over time. Any product that experiences extreme stress and wear & tear, such as a bag or a watch strap, Phone, MacBook or iPad case will last longer if its made in full-grain leather.






The second-best type of leather, quality-wise, is top-grain leather. It is almost the same as full-grain leather, but with the top few millimetres sanded or buffed off, to remove blemishes and imperfections which leaves it with a smooth and uniform look. A topcoat is then applied, to preserve its beautiful appearance, since top-grain doesn’t develop a patina over time.

The downside is, by sanding off the natural grain, this has removed the strongest fibres in the hide. Also, products made in top-grain will not have as long a lifespan as those made in full-grain leathers.




Split leather is made from the layers of a hide that are leftover, during the production of full or top-grain leather. These layers are divided into two splits, the middle split and the flesh split. An artificial topcoat is often used to seal these types of leather, to give them an appearance resembling that of top-grain leather, and to protect them from wear. Genuine leather falls in this category.




PU leather is split leather that has been laminated with a polyurethane (PU) coating to make it look like a top grain leather. Usually, these leathers have a glossy surface and have a very short lifecycle.


If you’re looking for a leather that can last a lifetime — and look good doing it — then, full-grain leather is the only way to go!



Care of your full-grain Leather product


When you have purchased a natural full-grain leather product from dbramante1928, we want you to be as pleased with it in ten years as you are today. Leather is a natural fibre in that it is not human-made. As it is an organic material, it needs occasional care and conditioning to keep it looking its best throughout the years.

Caring for a leather bag is similar to caring for your own skin as both benefit greatly from a good moisturiser, especially as we age.

Beautiful patina developed on dbramante1928 products


As your product is crafted from premium natural full-grain leather, it will change as you use it and age with you, whereas lower grades will not. Over time, scratches will naturally soften, and the leather will acquire a beautiful patina due to the oils from your skin and direct sunlight, making your leather case even more unique. This is not something that can, or should, be avoided, & instead is part of the natural ageing process, making the bag even more beautiful. 




The best form of treatment is prevention, so the golden rule is to treat regularly. Leather is susceptible to absorbing grease and oils, so keep your products away from water, oil, makeup, and dyed materials (such as denim jeans). Clean and condition your leather product regularly by applying a thin layer of leather conditioner (do not over apply as that might darken lightly coloured leather). This will preserve your product and keep it looking and feeling supple. We also recommend that you keep your product clean and out of direct sunlight.



Care of your product





You need to be aware that cleaning the leather might affect its colour. But if you do choose to clean your product, use a clean cloth with warm water and mild hand soap to gently clean your product. For a deeper clean, use a leather cleaner with a soft, clean cloth following the instructions from your selected leather care product.