3 Euros in India can give;

Tutoring for one child for one month

Six meals

Computer training for one young person for one month




We have been supporting the Danish NGO Little Big Help since 2013. And with no coincidence! They operate in Kolkata, India, just like we do. It was therefore a no brainer for us to help make a difference for those in and around the areas we work in. To celebrate our partnership, we are having a LittleBigHelp month.

Normally we support LittleBigHelp with 0.67 EUR per sale, but this month we’ll be donating 3 EUR for every product sold at dbramante1928.com. During the month we’ll be sharing some great deals on selected products, while also diving into LittleBigHelp and some of their amazing projects.



3 Euros in India can give;

  • Tutoring for one child for one month
  • Six meals
  • Computer training for one young person for one month


Skills development training

The goal of our skills development projects is to empower vulnerable women financially and socially. When a woman earns a salary, the entire family benefits. Through our skills development projects, we focus on empowering and supporting women.

More than 100 women are enrolled to learn a skill so they can get a job as a tailor or beautician, for instance. In our courses, we also teach women about their rights and provide support and counselling to help them cope with abuse, oppression and other harsh living conditions.


Computer training for tribal youth

Through our computer training for tribal youth, we empower young people living in rural villages with basic computer skills. In the rural area near Bankura, very few learning institutions have access to computers. We provide computer training to 550 marginalised tribal adolescents through six community-based computer centres.

Our goal is to empower the young people to become more confident and better equipped for further studies or future jobs. By increasing their computer literacy, the students also become agents of change raising awareness of the importance of education in their communities.


Girls' Home & Boys' Home: 

In our girls’ and boys’ homes, vulnerable girls and boys can get away from the streets and start a new life with care, comfort, nutrition and education – and a place to call ‘home’. We opened the homes in 2014. When the children are not in the local school, they spend their time playing games and music, drawing, meditating, doing sports and other recreational activities, which help their mental, physical and social development. Our team and skilled social workers also provide the children with guidance on how to cope with the challenges they may face in life.


Community centres

At our nine community centres located in slum areas in Kolkata and Howrah, we work with local volunteers and authorities to create a brighter future for children living in the slums. In addition to offering support and healthcare to the children and their families, we provide courses to prepare the children for school. After 6-12 months, they start school, while we continue to offer social and academic support through tutoring and recreational activities.



Centre for special education

The centre for special education is a school for 180 children and adolescents from tribal villages near Bankura who would not otherwise be able to attend school or receive care. The centre provides comprehensive rehabilitation programmes for these children and young people to improve their quality of life and help their integration into society. Supporting the students in choosing what they want to do based on their strengths and needs, the centre offers vocational training and life skills education.


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