Be part of the solution, not the problem.

In Europe alone, almost 500 million 'bad' single-use plastic phone cases are sold every year. At the same time, a similarly huge pile of used or unsold (legacy) model single-use plastic covers head to landfills or, worse, the oceans.


It's time for change. 

As a trusted partner and the only phone accessory manufacturer holding all certifications and guided by the WWF when you purchase any recycled dbramante1928 phone case, built without compromise, feature-rich and made from certified recovered and recycled materials and 100% recyclable, you are helping to reuse, recycle and reduce plastic pollution.  

A future where people and nature thrive.

By making a simple switch every one of us can take the small steps that all add up to those giant leaps needed to ensure a future where people and nature thrive.







Handcrafted from luxurious full-grain leather

Each piece is lovingly curated in our own factory by our team of skilled artisans and produced 100% CO2 neutrally. Protect your phone and the planet in style with these environmentally-friendly luxurious wallets.

Responsible production

The raw-material (hide) used in our production is a by-product that is refined to a beautiful and durable end-product instead of being sent to landfill or used for energy. This way we prolong the lifecycle of the by-product and create a sustainable value proposition.

None of the hides we use as raw-material, comes from bovine animals being bred for their hides, all our hides are by-products from the meat and dairy industry.