Handcrafted to elevate your home office experience.

Dress your desk without compromise in our luxurious collection of home office Desk Mat or Mouse Pad essentials, handcrafted from one continuous smooth piece of sustainable full-grain leather, colour edged and backed in a non-slip suede.

Each piece is lovingly curated in our own factory by our team of skilled artisans and produced 100% CO2 neutrally. Protect your desk and the Planet with these environmentally-friendly products.

Responsible production

The raw-material (hide) used in our production is a by-product that is refined to a beautiful and durable end-product instead of being sent to landfill or used for energy. This way we prolong the lifecycle of the by-product and create a sustainable value proposition.

None of the hides we use as raw-material, comes from bovine animals being bred for their hides, all our hides are by-products from the meat and dairy industry.