Our Factory

We are the only full-grain leather manufacturer with its own factory enabling us to control the complete production, sourcing, design and manufacturing process of each product from start to finish.


Our products are handcrafted exclusively by 600+ highly skilled artisans using only the finest materials in 1 of 3 facilities in Kolkata, India. So you can be sure of perfect quality every time and be 100% certain that we exceed all social compliance requirements. We care deeply for the well-being, safety, providing fair working hours and an environment free from discrimination, encouraging skill-building opportunities and programmes for our employees.


Our commitment to REACh

All of our products and production processes meet European standards and guidelines. Our production processes are REACH certified (“Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”), restricting the production and use of chemical substances, and excluding potential threats to both human health and the environment.​



Our Factory

A large part of our factories carbon footprint is from the electricity used in manufacturing so in March 2020. Hence, we will make a big step dramatically reducing our existing carbon footprint with the consolidation of our existing factories into one new larger facility in Kolkata, India. Utilising solar power, this new factory will transition to renewable and clean energy. In conjunction with our focus on conserving more water, adopting safer chemicals, and eliminating waste will accelerate us towards our goal of having a complete carbon neutral factory.