Understanding the different qualities of leather

dbramante1928 products are made from full-grain leather. But what does that mean?

Is it better or worse than genuine leather?
Rather than us explaining, we found a great article on Business Insider that explains very well, the differences in leather quality.
In short; there are 3 types of leather qualites:
1. Full-grain Leather (top quality)
2. Top-grain Leather (middle-of-the-road quality)
3. Genuine Leather (cheapest leather quality)
At dbramante1928, we are very proud to deliver the best quality in our leather products.
We love to see how our customers appreciate the patina generated though use, it makes your leather product special, unique.

Our commitment to quality

All leathers used in our cases are 100% real cow or buffalo hides and have been hand selected by skilled craftsmen to ensure the consistency of our leather quality in every product.

Only approved factories are allowed to produce dbramante1928.

The production starts with sourcing the best materials and then the tanning of the raw hides. This is followed by preparing the leather to our look and feel, and implementing the design, stitching and the quality controls.

Throughout the production process, which can take as many as 28 different steps, checks are made for approving the quality of our leathers to ensure the solution we provide meets our high standards of hand-tooled luxury leather case solutions.
dbramante1928 products have been manufactured from full-grain quality leather. There may be some characteristic signs such as wrinkles, scars and marks. Those do not effect the durability of the product, in fact these arise from the natural beauty of the full-grain leather.

Care for your dbramante1928 leather product

For general cleaning on the leather parts of your dbramante1928 product, please use a soft cloth and a leather cleaner and/or conditioning cream and follow instructions.

This should be done three or four times a year, and this facilitates the durability, shine, and increases the beauty of your dbramante1928 product overall.

Please remember that natural leather products are not weatherproof. Stains and permeation may occur if water is applied.