Little Big Help

LittleBigHelp is working to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India. Through its 22 different projects, LittleBigHelp provides direct support to more than 1100 vulnerable children and women, and indirectly to more than 1300 vulnerable families by securing basic child rights such as education and protection, along with women’s empowerment through skill development - every day.


As a Danish company, with its factories in India, we believe it is essential to give something back to the community we work in. By purchasing any dbramante1928 product, some of the profit it generates is donated to supporting activities that change lives. While we cannot help everybody, we believe that everybody can help some. And your support will get us a long way!


Thank you so much for your support.



LittleBigHelps' mission is to change your little help into a big help for people in need.