Great Design driven by Great Values.


Whether it’s improving our eco-footprint, providing the best environment and working conditions for our employees, supporting

human-aid programmes or working on eco-initiatives or with our partners we are 100% committed to an eco-friendlier future for us all.  

Designed in Denmark and handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled artisans in our Kolkata, India Factory, we handcraft the

complete range of luxury case and carrying solutions each produced from sustainably sourced luxury quality full-grain leathers.





Did you know.....



... that dbramante1928 have a



Probably the only full-grain leather manufacturer in the world with 100% CO2 neutral production.

At our 5000m2 factory facility in Kolkata, India, we control an entire products

production, ensuring perfect quality while being ethically and socially compliant every time.

Powered entirely by the sun via the solar panels on the roof, we are producing 100% CO2 neutral as our artisans hand-make every product

using renewable energy and traditional methods which require minimal and lightweight machine usage. Read more about this here